I wanted to create a section in this website that would help you find the right tool, for any given job, that you would know with out a doubt, get the job done with precision and speed. I use all of these products and services on a daily basis and love them. They make my life easier and make me more money.

Web Hosting:

A good web host is a must when you want to convert visitors in to sales. If you make your visitors wait for web pages to load, you better bet they will start dropping like flys by the second. I’ve been through just about every web hosting company worth talking about since 1995. All have let me down over time except this little gem that I’ve been hosting with for the last year and a half. Not only are they the best in class for speed & security, they have some pretty awesome people in tech support that always fix any issues without passing the buck. I’ve been in situations with third party applications that I have caused problems with and they have always helped me fix the issues. As with any hosting company I suggest getting a virtual dedicated server or better but InmotionHosting offers shared business class hosting that is unmatched by anyone in the industry if you are on a budget.

Remember recommended is VPS and I would also get the managed hosting option for $100 per month but well worth every penny. I have this option and they setup a full blown media server for me and manage it as well. So now I can host, convert and serve my own videos. Wistia is a great video hosting service as well with some pretty amazing features if you plan on going with a shared server and need video hosting check wistia out CLICK HERE (Not an Affiliate Link)

Check out InmotionHosting below.

  1. #1 in Web Hosting – InmotionHosting – CLICK HERE

The best proxy services:

At some point of time you may need a way to disguise your IP address. Whether you need to post multiple ads on craigslist with multiple accounts to cover many cities or scraping keyword data using SEO tools, you will absolutely need proxy service one day. Proxies are the hardest thing to obtain and not get ripped off by the shady providers, be warned!!  I have found that these proxy providers are the fastest and most reliable in the business. They always deliver as they say they do, check them out below.

  1. Our #1 Choice for proxies MyPrivateProxy – Currently Working for craigslist!!! – CLICK HERE

Craigslist posting software:

I had to take these down, they all stopped working within the last few weeks but I hope to bring them back here because it saves me massive amount of hours and money. I’ll keep you posted on this one!

Link Tracking & Affiliate Link Cloaking Software:

Click Tracking is a must if you want to know if you are getting paid for your efforts! Don’t let your self get ripped of and start tracking conversions now!

Dubbed “The Ultimate Link Cloaking & Redirection Plugin for WordPress” I wouldn’t go a day without this little piece of software. It not only tracks my links but tracks conversions AND!!! hides your traffic sources from the product owners you are driving traffic to. This is important so they can’t go around you and steel your traffic sources! This happens more often than not. Think about this. If you were a site owner/product owner and your affiliates showed you exactly how to get great cheep traffic that converts, wouldn’t you capitalize on that traffic as well? I know I would!!!!

  1. The Ultimate Link Cloaking & Redirection Plugin for WordPress – PrettyLinkPro – CLICK HERE

A LOT MORE TO COME VERY SOON!!! Check back within the next week we should have a lot more content by then!!

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