Tired of hiring people that can’t get the job done?

We were too!

Lets face it, if you had a dollar for every person that replied to your job listing that was under qualified or worse! Flat out lying about their capabilities you wouldn’t be a millionaire.

There is the other side of things as well. Quality virtual assistants get lost in the mix in these big job boards and you are stuck weeding through doing interview after interview.

Here is the typical situation. You have found the perfect candidate, they communicate well. Their portfolio is a mile long with some pretty impressive sites they have built. So you hire them.

Work day roles around and they need training on the very subject they are suppose to be an expert in.

Not to say great VAs are not out there because they are!

Great VAs are hard to find. The biggest problem is that you are trying to hire an expert in a field that you do not specialize in or maybe know nothing about.

That’s where IMRPM comes in to play. We have Experts for hire in very specific areas of expertise. We provide training in these very specific areas to the new applicants that apply. We make sure they can do the job correctly prior to them being listed as an expert.

This is a win win for everyone. We find the needles in the haystack so you don’t have to and those needles don’t have to compete for jobs with people just wasting everyone’s time.

Signup for less than a dollar a day, it’s fast easy.

If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason within the first 30 day let us know and we will return every cent promptly the same day, no questions asked